• Complex telecommunication systems
  • Radio, optical and copper communications
  • Mobile and portable communication modules
  • Intelligent computer networks

Balkantel offers solutions in the following applications:

  • “Ground-to-ground” and “ground-to-air” telecommunication in the military as well as civil aviation;
  • Transmission of all kinds of information by air, optical or copper cable, with application in Railways, Defence, Aviation, etc.;
  • Integration of complex network telecommunication systems;
  • Mobile solutions for telecommunications in motion;
  • Take-off and landing systems
  • Radar systems
  • GPS Systems

Balkantel offers a variety of navigation systems for use in both military and civil aviation:

  • Take-off and landing systems for airplanes and helicopters
  • Air Traffic Monitoring
  • Monitoring and management systems for airports and heliports
  • Tracking systems for airplanes and helicopters in flight
  • In-flight measurement and data storage systems as well as mission analysis
    • Specialized equipment for railway transport
    • Manufacturing of signalling systems
    • Integration of train control systems

    Balkantel offers solutions for signalling equipment in its entire life-cycle. The solutions include train station systems such as interlocking systems, train detection systems, electrical point machines, train signals and level crossing protection. Beside system integration, Balkantel manufactures its own railway equipment: uninterrupted power supply for signalling systems, control panel boards, train signals and distant-delivery information boards (over optic fiber). Balkantel delivers turn-key solutions in the area of railway signalling.

    • Web, mobile, server and desktop solutions
    • Monitoring and control systems: “UMBRELLA”
    • Dispatching systems

    Balkantel develops its own software and hardware which are built into many types of telecommunication, navigation and signalling systems the company provides to its customers. This includes user interfaces, back-end servers, and software for monitoring and managing of various systems and devices. In addition, Balkantel’s development department elaborates an independent recording and visualization system for voice calls, as well as other customized software and hardware projects.


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